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Liz Clarke is a specialist new born nanny who has cared for more than 60 mums and babies. Offering expert advice and guidance on all aspects of the care of young babies.

At the heart of baby ABC is an intensive, informative course, usually spread over 4 sessions. This course will provide you with a genuine understanding of your baby's needs and how you can best meet them.


The course is aimed at pregnant women and their partners who are in the later stages of pregnancy and beginning to think about life after their baby arrives.


Each course only caters for small numbers. This allows for much more discussion of the topic in hand in an informal, small group setting.


The baby ABC course is hugely valuable to prospective parents.

Everything the course delivers has been learnt from hands-on 24-hours a day, experience with newborns and their mums. I have done, mornings, naps, bottles, nappies, walks, more nappies, bath times, bed times and middle of the night feeds (and more nappies!) for over 60 babies.


Confidence is just about everything with a newborn, the abc course can give you that confidence.


I wanted to call my business “NOW WHAT?!?!” - which is what most new parents say to each other (or at least think to themselves!) when they first come through their front door with their newborn in the car seat. However, I was persuaded to come up with a business name that is possibly more self-explanatory!


The sole purpose of baby ABC is to provide you with the answers to the ‘now what?’ question, before you need them as a matter of urgency.


Being first time parents can be completely overwhelming: panic can set in and all sensible thoughts go out of the window, sometimes before you’ve even left the hospital. In that situation it is all too easy to find that your whole life is now being organised (or disorganised) by an adorable, 7 pound force of nature! You will have to trust me when I say that is not ideal.


What you need is a plan. Something to give structure to your day and to give you the confidence to take charge. You are the grown-up after all.

Baby ABC is here to help with that.

About Liz


I originally trained as an infant teacher and then worked for British Airways as a long-haul stewardess. Whilst in that role I often found myself as the crew member responsible for the care of mums and babies on board. I spent many an hour on night flights sitting by a freezing cold aircraft door, in the dark, wrapped in a blanket with a deliciously warm, sleeping baby on my shoulder, hopefully allowing his parents to get some sleep.


When I left BA I retrained as a Maternity Nurse (a specialist new-born nanny) and in the last 14 years I have looked after more than 60 babies, including several sets of very small twins.

Generally, I would arrive with clients as soon as they came out of the hospital and would stay for 3-12 weeks though I have stayed for 9 months in a couple of cases.

In that time I would introduce eating and sleeping routines and try to ease everybody into their new family life.

Registered with Knightsbridge Nannies

since 2005 working in London,

The Hamptons, LA, Monaco and Sweden. 


Hilary or Julie will be happy to confirm my breadth of experience 0207 6109232.


For those of your who are reading this, already have a baby and could do with some advice.


Liz put us into a very good routine, that works very well, without putting any pressure on either mother or baby.

Henny Palmer-Tomkinson

Be in no doubt, Liz’s guidance really does work! I am now a confident mother of a beautiful, happy and settled baby boy.

Emma Campbell

We have benefited enormously from her soft but firm methods in helping our baby into a routine.

Natasha Kaplinsky


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